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Septic Tank Treatment Tips

Understanding the basics behind septic tank treatment is essential so that you can properly care for your septic system. Otherwise, going to the toilet may become a difficult challenge when you find your system not working as it should. And that is not something anyone wants to have happen to them. Here is a look at how treatment of septic tanks work.

You are probably already living in a house with a septic tank treatment system, but you just don't know it. Septic tank treatment systems or septic systems as they are commonly called, is the system of treating wastes on site compared to transferring the waste to another treatment facility. The system has two main parts: the septic tank and the septic drain field.

Septic tank treatment goes like this: the septic tank receives the waste from a house and it is in here that solids are separated from the liquids, forming the top layer called the scum layer and the sludge, which is the bottom layer. These are slowly digested by the anaerobic bacteria that abound in the tank and result to a more or less clear liquid that flows out into the septic drain field or leach field.

The soil in the septic drain field does the last part of decomposing the remaining impurities. It is usually recommended that septic tanks be pumped out at least annually prevent scum buildup, and to prevent solids from washing out into the drain field, affecting the ability of the soil to treat the effluent effectively.